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Ten Positive Thoughts for Tuesday

  1. ImageThe support for LGBT athletes leading up to the Sochi Olympics is encouraging. Hopefully many of the medal winners will use their platform to promote positive change.
  2. On the same subject, it’s refreshing (and a bit sad) that the WWE is one of the more accepting athletic arenas for LGBT athletes. For a group that takes a lot of public grief, the WWE is jumping ahead in this and anti-bullying. I’d like to see other pro sports follow suit.
  3. I don’t agree with a lot that A-Rod has done and continues to do, but Dempster’s throwing at him was a joke. He missed his 1st chance, so to continue to throw inside until hitting him is pointless. Someone needs to remind him that he’s playing with guys who have also been implicated in PED use. The holier than thou attitude from MLB is a joke.
  4. Speaking of that attitude, the NCAA continues to trip all over themselves. I’ll save longer thoughts for another time, but it’s nice that media folks like Jay Bilas, Patrick Hruby and Bruce Feldman continue to use their following to point out the NCAA’s ridiculousness. Don’t trade memorabilia for tats, but feel free to sell out the notion of a “student-athlete” for $$$
  5. Sometimes we all need a reminder that there is a lot of good in the world-
  6. I’m not excited about the return of heat and humidity. When is Fall getting here?
  7. 2 weeks until college football starts- that is about as good as it gets.
  8. Kendrick Lamar did a wonderful job of PR last week. It’s also a reminder that if you don’t think you’re the best at something, then you might want to find something else to do. 
  9. I successfully survived my 12 miler on Sunday…..and I came close to eating a dozen donuts last week so I call this progress on two fronts.
  10. I’m listening to a lot of Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine lately. Nothing wrong with that…

Taking it out on the track

Rainy day here in Central/Upstate NY, but I’m enjoying my planned day off. Yesterday I did one of my favorite track workouts: 12x300m at 5k race pace with a 100m job in-between and a 200m sprint at the end. This workout helps me get used to the tempo I am hoping to run and the short rest makes it important to have proper pacing.

I’m pleased with the results of the workout and didn’t feel as though I struggled too badly through the intervals. Things are progressing nicely for me to run some solid 5k’s this fall….provided I make it through the 1/2 in one piece.

After waking up this morning at 4:15, I have no idea how people do this daily. I have been crashing since Noon. 

Fighting through the dog days..

Thankfully this month’s weather hasn’t been the typical heat and humidity of August. It’s been great for getting out and I’m taking full advantage. I still feel pretty healthy (knock on wood) and the Pro Compression seems to be aiding recovery and reducing soreness in my legs. 

My dog days have been mental. I’m fighting through to stay focused, but it’s hard. This is the 1st time since 2000 where August hasn’t meant a huge anticipation for the start of classes. I know that I should be enjoying the break, that I should be glad I am not working Opening Weekend and scrambling to get the semester started on the right note….but it’s not that simple.

When you spend such a long time working directly with students, you actually look forward to their return. I truly enjoyed the challenge of building schedules, the reward of helping students navigate their transition, or settle on a path. I’m having some difficulty preparing mentally to be on the outside looking in this year. You spend a lot of time finding a career to be passionate about and when it changes the transition can be tough to take. Just trying to figure out the next move now…..and sooner than later.

Taking it to the grass


My training has me doing a hard workout the day after my long run. Last night after work, I ventured up to Skytop for a loop used by the x-c team for some repeats. It’s a grass 800m loop with a slight incline near the start (and decline about 500-600m in) and it’s away from traffic, noise, and everything else except for a couple of dogs. 

After doing 10 on Sunday, I wasn’t sure what my legs would feel like, but I completed 6×800 with 1:00 rest in around 3:15. Really pleased with the workout and I was exhausted by the end. 

Proud to say that I am walking fine this morning, and I am convinced that wearing my Pro Compression socks last night helped in my recovery.

The healing power of donuts…..and a good haircut

Last week was mentally draining for whatever reason. Work just plodded along and I felt like I was in a funk every day. Friday morning came around and I decided to get a hair cut before work. After getting a well-needed dismantling of my mid-90s mop, I was in a slightly better mood.

On the way out of the mall, I added the finishing touch to my personal turnaround- a chocolate frosted from Dunkins. Donuts have been my comfort food for quite a while. People at my old job knew that it was a bad day when I left the office mid-afternoon and returned with an iced coffee and donuts. 



With the mood changed, the weekend was enjoyable. I hit a 10-mile run today (and 27 for the week) as I continue to gear up for the Arc Run in a few weeks. My legs might be sore, but my mind is ready to take on this week with a much greater focus.