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Dunkin Run Recap

Saturday was the half and now that I’ve had a couple of days to reflect, let’s take a look back. Heading into the race, I have been hitting just under 30 miles per week so I knew that I wasn’t going to run an earth-shattering race. My plan has been to train through and gear my speed workouts for the Festival of Races 5K next month.

I decided to try and go out at 7 minute pace and see how long I could hold on. What I failed to realize is that the revised course for this year was quite a bit hillier than the usual route. From Mile 5-8, we were going up long gradual inclines.

This was a pretty small race, so at the start I stayed relaxed and intentionally slower. We went through in 6:41 which was faster than I wanted, but there weren’t a lot of people around so I stuck with a couple of others. I missed mile markers 2 and 3, so I was glad to see that we hit Mile 4 in 21 minutes. I stayed with one other guy all the way until Mile 8 when he began to pull away.

I was able to use some downhills and a bit of mental toughness to hold on for two more miles. When we went past 10, other people started catching up and I just didn’t have another gear. I crawled in the final 5k in 23:30 for a final time of 1:33:30.

I was really hoping to get close to 1:30, but with my training, I am pleased with the result. Now it’s a couple of days of rest, a bunch of donuts, some easy runs this week and a couple of weeks of training before the 5k. 



So for a while I would mess around writing rap lyrics. Back around 99/00, I even had a program called Hip Hop eJay where I “recorded” some of these. Anyway, someone asked about seeing these, so from time to time I will post them to remain in internet posterity for my grand kids to be able to post SMH on whatever they will be doing in 25 years.

This is my ode to Steak- should have stopped after one verse because it got real weak.


I can eat filet mignon

til the break of dawn

and that’s word is born

steak’s got it goin on

try it and you’ll agree

unless your name is oprah winfrey

cuz ya know oprah wants no beef

but I master tha grill like I was lee van cleef

sneak up on like a thief

snatch the t-bone from your plate

and share it with your date

don’t believe me then ask my man Nate

pass the au jus, let me get loose

and kick this like I was dr. seuss

I eat steak in a boat

and Ill eat steak with a goat

Ill eat steak with sam I am

just don’t bring green eggs and ham

it’s gotta be usda choice

and if you didn’t hear me Ill raise my voice

I need steak


I eat steak on the regular

I eat steak when I’m on my cellular

Ill eat steak in a cab

I ate steak with Don McNabb

yeah he should’ve won the heisman

but we all had sirloin with my man Joe Theismann

K-Wall and I don’t pack a gun

but I’m always strapped with some a-1

wanna buy me one?

Well you’d better make it well done

I need steak


I once ate steak with Wayne Gretzky

while we smoked cigars with Joe Pesci

I eat steak when I’m in DC

but I never ate steak with Monica Lewinsky…….