Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tired of Treadmills



A week of sub-zero wind chill has pushed me indoors. treadmill running is boring and tedious so I’ve tried to make the most of it. For two of my harder runs this week, I’ve done a mile warm-up followed by 2-3 miles of controlled, hard running at tempo pace. It’s helped break up the monotony of the run and kept my legs fresh while still getting a good workout. 


2014 – A Late Start

So this blog has suffered over the last few months, but let’s see if we can change that. Since October, my running has remained steady (around 25 miles per week), as I have transitioned into the Noontime Running League at work. Being on campus has allowed me a more consistent lunchtime regimen and I’ve been able to join a workout group twice a week. The track work has improved my speed and I’m real interested to see what I can do for an indoor 5k. I was disappointed in not getting under 20 minutes in the Fall, and have been training to try and get down to 6:00 mile pace this Spring.

No major running resolutions for 2014. I want to keep progressing, do a bit more racing, and above all just keep enjoying running.