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My Prediction…..



So last night I tried to do something different and took part in a Prediction Mile hosted by Fleet Feet and Mizuno. The idea behind the run is to guess how fast you will run the mile and then run without using a watch or any other kind of timing device. My goal wasn’t to run an all-out mile, but to try something fun and make it part of a workout. 

My recent races have shown that I’m having trouble with pacing and running blind a little more often could help me to focus on effort and feel a little more. There was a pretty big turnout so we were put in 3 different waves. Running after work is always a bit of a crap shoot, so I took a conservative guess and predicted 6:18 for my time. 

The mile went well. I found a pretty comfortable rhythm after the first lap and after the 3rd lap, I sensed I was running faster than 6:18. End result was a 6:08 mile and my 10 second difference put me just outside the top 10.

 Mizuno-Wave-Sayonara 2

Another perk of the event was the opportunity to test out the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2. The show is pretty comfortable and a good bit lighter than the Wave Rider. Might have to look at investing in a pair for workouts/races as they felt real good.

Thanks to Mizuno and Fleet Feet for putting on a different and fun event.



A small breakthrough…followed by a small break

After getting ridiculously close the last two years, I finally cracked the 20-minute barrier for an official 5k. My frustrations were growing high when in early June I ran a dumb race and finished in 20:03. My training over the winter/spring was fairly consistent- around 25 miles per week with 2 track workouts mixed in. It was a matter of running a strategic race and I know I could easily get under 20.

The June race featured good weather, but a course with some hills, and tight turns. I went out in what felt like a conservative pace, but hit the mile in about 6:04. My training in May wasn’t as consistent as it had been so the quick pace killed my legs. Mentally I was toast that day and as I struggled through the 2nd mile I had a tough time rallying. As I approached the finish and saw the clock, my frustration increased. Even with a really crappy run, I was so close to 20 that I felt like kicking something crossing the line.

The race and an acceptance of where I was with my training made me reconsider plans for doing a 10-miler on July 4th. I decided to enter the 5k instead and my strategy was to go out slow, very slow. So I picked a spot further back from the starting line and waited until we finished the incline to start to pick up the pace. We hit the 1k mark in 4:06 and I thought the shot of breaking 20 was in danger again. I found someone who seemed to be running a good pace and hung on as we took advantage of some decent downhills. The next split I remember seeing was 4k and the 20 minute barrier was still in reach. I was hurting down the stretch, but was able to finish in 19:48 and the realization that there was still work to be done.

But before worrying about increasing anything, I gave my legs a few days off last week. Starting back this week was a little easier after some recovery. Now it’s time to pick things up and getting those miles in….oh and there was no break from donut eating, just a bit of moderation.