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Dunkin Run Recap

Saturday was the half and now that I’ve had a couple of days to reflect, let’s take a look back. Heading into the race, I have been hitting just under 30 miles per week so I knew that I wasn’t going to run an earth-shattering race. My plan has been to train through and gear my speed workouts for the Festival of Races 5K next month.

I decided to try and go out at 7 minute pace and see how long I could hold on. What I failed to realize is that the revised course for this year was quite a bit hillier than the usual route. From Mile 5-8, we were going up long gradual inclines.

This was a pretty small race, so at the start I stayed relaxed and intentionally slower. We went through in 6:41 which was faster than I wanted, but there weren’t a lot of people around so I stuck with a couple of others. I missed mile markers 2 and 3, so I was glad to see that we hit Mile 4 in 21 minutes. I stayed with one other guy all the way until Mile 8 when he began to pull away.

I was able to use some downhills and a bit of mental toughness to hold on for two more miles. When we went past 10, other people started catching up and I just didn’t have another gear. I crawled in the final 5k in 23:30 for a final time of 1:33:30.

I was really hoping to get close to 1:30, but with my training, I am pleased with the result. Now it’s a couple of days of rest, a bunch of donuts, some easy runs this week and a couple of weeks of training before the 5k. 


Ten Positive Thoughts for Tuesday

  1. ImageThe support for LGBT athletes leading up to the Sochi Olympics is encouraging. Hopefully many of the medal winners will use their platform to promote positive change.
  2. On the same subject, it’s refreshing (and a bit sad) that the WWE is one of the more accepting athletic arenas for LGBT athletes. For a group that takes a lot of public grief, the WWE is jumping ahead in this and anti-bullying. I’d like to see other pro sports follow suit.
  3. I don’t agree with a lot that A-Rod has done and continues to do, but Dempster’s throwing at him was a joke. He missed his 1st chance, so to continue to throw inside until hitting him is pointless. Someone needs to remind him that he’s playing with guys who have also been implicated in PED use. The holier than thou attitude from MLB is a joke.
  4. Speaking of that attitude, the NCAA continues to trip all over themselves. I’ll save longer thoughts for another time, but it’s nice that media folks like Jay Bilas, Patrick Hruby and Bruce Feldman continue to use their following to point out the NCAA’s ridiculousness. Don’t trade memorabilia for tats, but feel free to sell out the notion of a “student-athlete” for $$$
  5. Sometimes we all need a reminder that there is a lot of good in the world- http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/08/cny_bystanders_daring_rescues_have_saved_3_lives_in_9_days.html#incart_river_default
  6. I’m not excited about the return of heat and humidity. When is Fall getting here?
  7. 2 weeks until college football starts- that is about as good as it gets.
  8. Kendrick Lamar did a wonderful job of PR last week. It’s also a reminder that if you don’t think you’re the best at something, then you might want to find something else to do. 
  9. I successfully survived my 12 miler on Sunday…..and I came close to eating a dozen donuts last week so I call this progress on two fronts.
  10. I’m listening to a lot of Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine lately. Nothing wrong with that…

The healing power of donuts…..and a good haircut

Last week was mentally draining for whatever reason. Work just plodded along and I felt like I was in a funk every day. Friday morning came around and I decided to get a hair cut before work. After getting a well-needed dismantling of my mid-90s mop, I was in a slightly better mood.

On the way out of the mall, I added the finishing touch to my personal turnaround- a chocolate frosted from Dunkins. Donuts have been my comfort food for quite a while. People at my old job knew that it was a bad day when I left the office mid-afternoon and returned with an iced coffee and donuts. 



With the mood changed, the weekend was enjoyable. I hit a 10-mile run today (and 27 for the week) as I continue to gear up for the Arc Run in a few weeks. My legs might be sore, but my mind is ready to take on this week with a much greater focus.

Long Runs

By far my favorite part of running is the Sunday long run. I don’t mind intervals and hills, but getting out and forgetting about the time, but focusing on the distance is what I love to do. I also think that I like to do nothing on Sunday, I can use a long run to excuse my lazy behavior and weekend donut consumption. 

Thanks to the folks at Fleet Feet and Mizuno, I took part in the 2nd Hot Feet run this morning. I started off thinking I’d do the 8-mile loop like last week and then add 2 more miles in Green Lakes.

It was muggy, but overcast, and I thought it would be a good day to go a bit longer. When I reached the water stop at 5, I had second thoughts. Hard to believe that I might be getting a bit smarter as I get older, but I realized that going from 8 to 10 in a week might not be the best choice at this point in my training. Next week, we’ll take a crack at 10. We’ll also see how these old legs feel now that I’m adding these Pro Compression socks to my recovery.





Current Training

Right now I’m building up to run The Arc 1/2 Marathon in September (http://www.arcon.org/events/race). The fact that it is sponsored by Dunkin Donuts absolutely influenced my entry. After that, I’m targeting the Festival of Races 5k, which will show how far I’ve come from last year’s time of 20:31. I’m comfortable saying that I’m hoping to get under 19:00 at the Festival. At last month’s Paige’s Butterfly Run, I finished in 20:06 without the mileage or speed work I’ve been hitting since then.

I’ve been over 25 miles 3 of the last 5 weeks and this week’s weather makes me confident of reaching that mark again. The Fleet Feet Sunday Long Runs (http://www.fleetfeetsyracuse.com/training/hot-feet-training-runs) will help me increase a little each week. They do a great job of getting people out and providing water/gels as the distances increase. My goal for the 1/2 is to try to get around 1:30- not focusing on that race as much as this year since I need longer to build my base. We’ll see how this next year goes before I make a marathon decision, but my hope is to finally get ready and complete one.

Why am I here?

I’m guessing that most of you reading this already know me, but welcome to my new blog. The last 18 months have been very trying for me professionally and to deal with the stress, I’ve decided to get back to a couple of things that have always helped me before- running and writing. My running has become more consistent this spring and now it’s time to get back to writing.

This blog is not meant to solicit sympathy from folks, as trust me things are very good in my world (thanks to a wonderful family and supportive friends and colleagues). This will hopefully give me a healthy outlet for all that is going on in my world. I’m going to talk a lot about my renewed commitment to running, as well as interject my thoughts on what is happening in the sports world.

Why “Running on Donuts” for a name? Well, chocolate donuts have been a staple of my diet since I was a kid. They serve as a comfort food when I am stressed, and part of the reason I run is to continue to eat them guilt-free.  So if Dunkin’ Donuts or Tim Horton’s want to throw some endorsements my way, I’m all ears.